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Master Your Entire Infrastructure

If it connects to a network, Auconet controls it.

IT infrastructure is the indispensable foundation of today‘s enterprise – Master your IT and return your focus to business!

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See the entire network

Network Discovery

Up to 20% of network devices are undetected and unmanaged. This is dangerous; you cannot protect what you don’t see. Auconet BICS quickly finds all your switches, routers, and endpoints, including those which popular NAC tools miss. View your entire infrastructure in real time.

Control every device

Network Access Control
Network Access Control (NAC)

Go beyond traditional NAC to robust infrastructure control. Secure every port and determine access for each device based on MAC and IEEE 802.1X. Define BYOD scenarios, guest access, and VLAN policies. Manage your own or hundreds of multi-tenant physical and virtual networks.

Boost operations, elevate value

IT Operations
Network Management

Boost services quality, cut costs, and support SLA fulfillment through automation. Improve maintenance via faster incident awareness, fewer service calls, and faster MTTR. Control and manage up to 30x more infrastructure with the same staff.


Deutsche Bahn: Enterprise-Wide Visibility for
350,000 Ports

Deutsche Bahn implemented Auconet BICS for network discovery in less than one day, and identified thousands of previously unknown endpoints within hours, enabling accurate cost allocation chargebacks to business units for millions of Euros annually.